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So, in my W2 I tried a negotiation trade, but I couldn't offer the shiny Palkia or Dialga from the last event. What's up with that? More importantly, will I still be able to send them through Pokemon Bank?


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  1. Most/All event Pokemon have special ribbons attached to them that prevents Global trading of them.

  2. Yes you can transfer over from the Pokebank

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Ohhhh..... But one of my friends traded his Palkia for a shiny Eevee.
Two things to factor in:

1. Are you sure it was the event Palkia?
2. Was it Global or local?
Yes it was the event Palkia, and I'm 99% sure it was global
Wow~ If you can really trade event Shiny Creation Trio. I wiling to trade to you with any possession Pokemon I had.