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I wanted to get an Empoleon with Stealth Rock for my competitive team, but I found out it can't learn that move anymore in Sun and Moon, since the Move Tutor has been removed. since I don't have any of the Gen 6 games, I need to use a Piplup in my Pearl game, which I can transfer to White with that horrid minigame. That way, I can get an Empoleon with Stealth Rock transferred to Moon, I assume. Is there any other way of getting a Pokémon with a move it can no longer learn in Sun and Moon to said game?

I'm almost completely sure no, unless Piplup can get stealth rock by breeding. Also unless you can cheat.
You could breed some of them (if memory serves, a few Pokémon have tutor moves as Egg Moves, like Extreme Speed Dratini), but that still requires the transferring of Pokémon.

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As sumwun commented, There is no way to get that without hacking. Sorry.

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