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Me and my friend have a pokemon battle! I used all of my own pokemon which I caught and trained by myself from lv5 until lv70! it's Infernape, Roserade, Gastrodon, Staraptor, and Luxray... Wobbuffet lv60? I migrate it! I can win easily against Mewtwo lv80, Mew lv77, Rayquaza lv70, Groudon lv80, Empoleon lv74 cause they are cheat and use rare candy. but, I surprised when I saw his last pokemon, a Shinies Sableye with Wonder Guard ability lv70! this makes me crazy! how could I win? what pokemon should I used? please help me... because if he win, even with cheating, he will tell to everyone in my class that he won against me, he is the master, and I will be a loser, even I played fair and without cheating! please... I will battle again with him next week!

You call rematch and catch it on camera. Also use a Mold breaker Ramparados.

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You could use a Rampardos or a Pinsir, both have the ability mold breaker. You can freely attack him. I personally prefer Rampardos, from the looks of it, most of his team is screwed over by a trick Room set anyway, giving Rampardos the chance to destroy his weak little sablyeye. Just take out Groudon and empoleon, since they have the lower speeds. he'll probably save sableye for last as a last resort (even though using foresight or odor sleuth would expose that fighting weakness it gets from being part dark type) My Rampardos has saved me from many hacked sableye and spiritomb. Combine that with what Narwhals said. You could also use moves like doom desire or future sight, since they don't use typing, meaning they'll hit. And how could anybody forget the great move Gastro acid?

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Just use a bulky Dark-type, like Tyranitar, with Toxic and Sandstorm. It'll be dead in no time. If you don't have Tyranitar though, then any Dark-type with Toxic will work wonders.

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You have two solutions to this problem.

1)Use a strong Dark or Steel type (e.g. Tyranitar,Metagross),and teach it Toxic and Sandstorm (obviously Tyranitar won't need Sandstorm).Toxic the Sableye and It'll be dead in no time.

2)A better solution for this,i'd say,is get a Pokemon with Mold Breaker - Haxorus and Rampardos are good choices.Mold Breaker cancels out the wonder guard an allows you to him Sableye freely.(I'd say this is better because, in my opinion at least,I'd rather give my Tyranitar moves like Stone Edge and Earthquake,but i'm by no means any professional battler.)

These 2 solutions should easily help you destroy wonder guard Sableyes and Spiritombs.

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Use Mandibuzz. He resists both of Sableye's STABs and can take a hit extremely well.
Use Toxic, Sableye will die of pretty quickly.

Mandibuzz @ Leftovers
Trait : Big Pecks
EVs : 252 Sp.D, 248 HP, 8 Def
Nature : Calm ( + Sp.D - Atk )
-Iron Defense

Or, if you want him dead in one turn, use a Mold Breaker Pokemon. My favourite is Haxorus.

[email protected] Orb
Trait : Mold Breaker
EVs : 252 Atk, 252 HP, 4 Sp.D
Nature : Adamant
- Swords Dance
-Brick Break
-Dragon Claw

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There is more than one solution, one is that you make your Roserade learn worry seed, which is a great counter to Snorlax sets, you can also use entrainment, if you don't have either of those you can toxic it and do weather damage, or you can use a fairy type move as fairy type is it's only weakness, or if you want to be an ass use roleplay then burnup so that way he has to forfeit since you will have no weakness, that or to do a real toxic stall, do Snorlax with toxic and rest