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I haven't played it yet, so I don't know if its true myself.

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Hmm... there's no way to determine whether this is true or not. But I think that you can't get a Shiny Victini, so it might be false.
(I'm not sure, so this remains a comment).
but.. why does it matter?
I'm not sure... but w/e.
Well this is hard to figure out... Either he lied or its hacked. Try asking him to show you that Victini to see if it hacked or he lied.

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This is FALSE! For starters, Victini is shiny locked, so it can not be shiny unless given shiny through an event. Second, no trainer in game has a Victini, not even a regular one. Third, online services such as GTS and battling in White 2 (and all Gen. V games ) have been discontinued. So, sorry. Your friend was lying.

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