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What are all the breeding techniques that changes a Pokemon that is being breed in any way?

Include information on Egg Moves, IVs, Everstone, Japanese Ditto, Incense, Natures etc.

I know quite a lot about breeding but don't know if there is something that I am missing which would speed up the process of getting the "perfect" Pokemon so could you please include detailed information on every aspect of breeding - even though I am competent in implementing many techniques such as those concerning egg moves - as what you say will probably be helpful to others as well.

Thank you in advance.

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Egg Moves:

These are basically moves that are passed down from a parent to an offspring Pokemon.
However, there are only some specific moves that are passed down from the parents.

For Eg.- We have two Sesmitoads, a male and a female, and the male one has the moves Drain Punch and Earth Power. Breeding them together will result in a Tympole which knows Earth Power but not Drain Punch. This is because Tymople does not get the move Drain Punch as an egg move. See more here.

These are usually moves which Pokemon cannot get through normal means, such as the Earth Power Tympole as stated in example. In Gen 5, only males can pass down egg moves, but in Gen 6, if breeding with a Pokemon of the same species or Ditto, females can pass down egg moves as well.

IVs (Individual Values):

These are genetic factors in Pokemon, to be short. These factors determine how much will the Pokemon have in it's stats. For Eg.- a Pokemon with high IVs in it's Attack stat will have a comparatively higher Attack as compared to normal. The highest these factors can go is 31. See more information here.

When two parents are bred, a random pick of three of their combined IVs are taken and given to the offspring. Hence, breeding IVs into a Pokemon is quite a bit of the time, based on chance. However, there are a few techniques to breed in IVs into a Pokemon:

>1. Giving one of the parents Destiny Knot. This item increases the IVs that are tranferred on the offspring, from a random pick of 3 to a random pick of 5.
2. Having a parent hold a Power Item for respective stats. Giving a parent a Power item ensures that the IVs corresponding to the Power Item are passed onto the offspring. A parent holding the Power Anklet will ensure it's speed IVs will pass on to the offspring.


Natures stand for personalities of Pokemon. They simultaneously increase a stat and decrease another one. For Eg.- An Adamant nature increases the Attack stat of a Pokemon more than normal, while reducing it's Special Attack to become below normal. There's a simple way to tranfer a nature onto an offspring, that is Everstone.

Before Gen 6, when Everstone is held by a parent, there is a 50% chance that the offspring will have the same nature. In Gen 6, this has increased to a full 100% chance, which means that the nature will be passed on.

Masuda Method:

This method was introduced by the maker of this game, Junichi Masuda, to promote Pokemon trading across continents/countries. This method is popularly used to hatch a Shiny offspring. The method is this:
> When a two Pokemon from different regions breed, there is a higher chance of the offspring being alternate coloured.

So if a Japanese Pokemon breeds with a German Koffing, there is a higher chance that the Koffing that hatches out of the egg will be shiny. However, this method increases the rate of shiny encounter by 5 (from 1/8192 to 5/8192 or approximately 1/1638) which means that it is still based on luck. See more information here.


These are special items that help in breeding some particular Pokemon. For Eg.- A female Snorlax without the Full Incense, no matter how many times bred, will never result in a Munchlax, but rather another Snorlax. However, if the Snorlax is given a Full Incense to hold, the resulting Pokemon will always be Munchlax.

>This is also a way to breed in some egg moves onto some Pokemon, since the different offsprings can have different egg moves. For Eg.- Marill cannot learn Fake Tears through breeding, however, Azurill, the alternate option for an offspring, can. In the same way, Marill can learn Aqua Jet through egg moves while Azurill cannot.

More information over here.

Hope I helped!

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IV breeding

During the process of breeding, there are three standard possibilities that influence the outcome of the offspring's IVs.

  • The offspring inherits its mother's IVs for one particular or various stats
  • The offspring inherits its father's IVs for one particular or various stats
  • The offspring generates a random IV stat on its own.

The latter is the main reason as to why breeding 6IV Pokemon requires patience as it is the offspring that randomly generates the final IV stat as of gen 6, seeing as the Destiny Knot can only pass down 5 IVs at max.
However breeding with the Destiny Knot does not insure you to get all the IVs that you wish to pass down as it passes down both the good and bad IVs.
Because of this, the chances to breed a perfect Pokemon decreases depending on whther you are breeding 6 IV parents with each other of 5IVs. Breeding 6IV parents usually result ina 5 IV offspring with one randomly unfortunate IV. Sometimes being in your favor, other times not.

The fastest way to breed a a perfect IV'd Pokemon with nature and all should be in 6 steps which you can find on this pastebin.

The Masuda Method

The Masuda Method does not generally recquire a Japanese Ditto, it just need to be a foreign Pokemon, but most people consider Japanese and Ditto the best, but it will in no way deliver better results than an English game using an Italian Ditto to utlize the Masuda method.
The Masuda Method amplifies the shiny rate of a Pokemon by more than 6 in generation 6.
This Method recquires you to breed Pokemon from 2 different countries to amplify te shiny rate of the offspring. Ditto is often used for it because it can breed with any Pokemon and is generally (for some odd reason) easier to obtain froma different country than most other Pokemon are.
Combining this method with perfectly IV breeding Pokemon is very tedious, and if you know your patience can't reach those standards, it is very recommended not to do so because in all honesty, using the Masudo Method still recquires a very high amount of luck as despite the rate being increased by more than 6 in generation 6, the chances are still excruciatingly low and thus do not guarantee a shiny Pokemon.
To utilize this method with IV breeding however would usually just recquire you to use one constant mother for the Pokemon you are trying to breed perfectly IVd and shiny. This mother is recommended to have good IVs if you know you won't easily get another foreign one. When breeding, it is highly advisable to utilize a father-figured Pokemon from a different country as the mother to keep the chances amplified.
To boost the speed of this process, it is highly advisable to wait till you get the Shiny Charm. As this will boost the rate to hatch a shiny Pokemon to 8.

Egg moves

Egg moves should be the easiest part of breeding imo. They recquire you to breed a Pokemon with another Pokemon to obtain a certain moves.
However some egg moves can be a little frustrating to obtain as they recquire a huge amount of cross and chain breeding, which means that to get a move on a Pokemon you wish to have it on, you will need to breed it on to the key-parent (Parent to link to egg groups with each other) to then breed it on to the Pokemon you wish to have it on.


Breeding with incences will result in the producing of offspring Pokemon certain Pokemon cannot breed unless they wield the incence, such as Wobbuffet.
Breeding with incences will often look like a waste of time, but can sometimes come in handy as certain baby Pokemon learn certain moves. their evolved forms can't. However it should be noted that incence breeding combined with IV breeding can be very frustrating seeing as baby Pokemon cannot breed, meaning you would constantly need to evolve them again, in order for you to still breed them to get certain moves and IVs.


The Nature of a Pokemon obviously strongly affects its performance in battle.
The most simply way to pass down a Nature you want is through the usage of an Everstone on the parent you want to pass the nature of unto its offspring.
However like I mentioned above, the usage of a Synchronizer during the capture of a Pokemon's parents can simplify this process of trying to find a parent with a good nature, if ofcourse the Synchronizer has the nature you wish to encounter the parents with.
Synchronize boosts the chances of encountering a Pokemon with the same nature of the Synchronizer by 50%.

Inheriting Poke' Balls

As of generation 6, it is now possible to breed a Poke'Ball down to the offspring. The mother of the offspring's Poke'ball will now pass down to the offspring. It will pass down any Poke'Ball bar the Master or Cherish Ball. The father-figure, whether it being male or a genderless Pokemon (Ditto included) cannot pass down its Poke'Ball to its offspring and does not influence the Poke'Ball status of the offspring in any way.
If you do try to pass down the female's Poke' Ball down to the offspring, and it is a Cherish or Master Ball, the offspring will instead hatch with the default standard red and white Poke'Ball.

Following and combining all these steps can in a way enable you to create and breed any Pokemon (in the discovered egg groups) the way you want them to be (with limited standards) in ny Poke'Ball you want them to be (for those who care).
However it should be stated that attaining this can be immensily hard and recquires a very high amount of patience. Do note that many things here amplify chances, not all of these are guaranteed to happen when you do them exactly the way it is written.

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