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I'm wanting to make 7 male Pokemon, each in 2 individual egg groups, that have all perfect IVs to breed anything with these 7 pokes or ditto. I've made magikarp for (water 1 and dragon) and treeko for (monster) so far. I chose trevenat, snorunt, volbeat, and farfetch'd as well for this assuming they'll work.

All seemed well but I've hit a complication and realized my plan could really be flawed. I put kabuto (water1&3) in with a perfect Iv froakie in order to make the short cut kabuto. Both are from water 1 and different genders but the day care man says they prefer to play its others. I am unable to find the reason for this.

Does anyone know the issue with these Pokemon breeding or any other problems I might have with this plan? If you know a better way I can accomplish this without cheating I'd really appreciate it.

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I'm going to try this in my game and see what happens

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So, I couldn't get myself a Froakie and a Kabuto that could breed with each other (Couldn't get a female Kabuto). Anyway, instead, I tried breeding Kabutops with Froakie and it works just fine. Also, Frogadier and Kabuto worked fine for me as well. So try evolving your Froakie and then attempt to breed again.

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When all else fails in breeding, I get a Ditto in there

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