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So I have this greninja with a bad nature that I want to change. But it's the one I use in ORAS battles. Also its pp is nearly maxed. Is it worth changing its nature?

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Does it have good IVs and what is the nature
If this is for in-game, then don't change it. If this is for competitive, though, then definitely change it. A Greninja with lowered Speed is of no use, also, Natures can make the difference between an OHKO and not.

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No. It's not worth changing after all of your hard work. Stick with it through good and bad plus its got better pp.

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It depends on the nature, since some natures could be not the best but still workable with, and the kind of greninja you want.

Max PP isnt a big deal. If you dont have 5-6IVs or a good nature, I suggest breeding a new one. IVs and Nature can have a big impact on your greninja and you'd want them to fit the team and set you are using.

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Your are probably right I can get pp ups at the livocye city lottery anyway and plus a 256 speed greninga is just