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I got ash-greninja through the sun/moon demo and ended up with quiet nature and forgot to soft reset for a better one. I want to use greninja competitively so should I keep quiet ash-greninja or get normal greninja with a good nature?

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I'd like to know what to do too. I wonder if I start a new game then will I be able to transfer Ash-Greninja again? Unfortunately, I can't start a new game without losing my Mewnium Z. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/276781/what-to-do-if-i-want-to-start-a-new-game-without-losing-my-items
stop plugging you're question where it isn't relevant. someone will get to it, it hasnt even been up a half hour
if the normal greninja is protean use that, if its not, its worthless

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Your Ash-Greninja, to put it bluntly, is not worth much competitively. Protean has always seemed like a better ability to me.. Stick with Protean and get your hands on a Protean Froakie. It shouldn't be too hard, as nobody would bring a Torrent Froakie to Sun/Moon.

Battle boost does boost stats, but protean works without having to KO a Pokémon and is probably one of the best abilities out there.

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Battle Bond also boosts both attack stats and speed by quite a bit once activated.
I use it and if used properly it is a force to be reckoned with.
both it's attack stats are boosted by FIFTY, battle bond does not only boost water shuriken
Ok thanks. Will fix
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If you can get Protean Greninja with a decent nature, that's considerably better, especially if it's transferred over from ORAS and has Gunk Shot.

Otherwise, stick with Ash-Greninja. Even with 10% less speed, it's still fast and hits insanely hard, especially since Water Shuriken is both priority and impressively strong (only STAB Extremespeed and Sucker Punch are stronger).

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