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I can transfer my event pokémon like Magearna to the Bank but I have a Mewnium Z which I don't want to lose. What are my options? There's nobody that I know IRL whom I can trade my items to.

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Arranging something online might be your best option. /r/PokemonTrades is an idea -- you might be able to arrange for someone to hold on to your item or exchange something for a replacement.
Can't you attach items to pokemon to put in the bank?
@Missingno Lv. 110 No, you can't put items into the Bank.
Even if you give Mewium Z to Mew to hold, then trade it away to restart your game, and trade it back, wouldn't you only have that one Mewium Z?  Would it be added to your Z Crystal bag when you take it back from your Mew, or would it be lost?
Sorry I have to correct myself here. I didn't check, and appararently it's not possible trade Z-Crystals at all, I guess to stop players getting them early. So this is very difficult now.
where did you get a mewnium z!
I'm pretty sure the mewnium z is obtained from an event that's still happening, so you can deposit all your Pokemon in the bank, restart the game, and repeat the process of getting a mewnium z.

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Am sorry but I guess you need a friend to do this

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