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I transferred my Pokémon from Omega Ruby to Sun using Pokémon Bank because I wanted to train and still use them in the new game. After completing the Sun Dex, I wanted to continue playing in OR because it's my favourite game, I basically love everything about it.
Stupid me didn't know I couldn't transfer them back (only gen VI to VII but not VII to VI).
This has made me sad, because I still have to complete the Pokédex and want to do other things such as rematching Steven, catching legendaries... the usual. Now that I have no good Pokémon to do so anymore, I think I should sadly delete my save file and start a new OR game.
The question is: do my Pokémon that I transferred to Sun still stay usable after I erased their first save file?
Or is it perhaps possible to trade from Sun to someone with another device with Omega Ruby? Just anything to get my Pokémon back to OR would be great...


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You can't trade them back, but they will still stay usable after their first save file has been deleted.