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In my Black 2 file, I already have the Shiny Charm but I still need Keldeo / Meloetta / Genesect and Manaphy. Since Wifi has closed, I can't obtain them but my friend have cheats for it and can caught them for me.
If I trade hacked Pokemons to my Black 2, what would happen? I have +20 shinies, Shiny and Oval Charm. It will delete all save data or make any problems? If I trade them, and if I delete them right away only for stay with them on the Pokedex, does it have any problems?
All others event Pokemons like Jirachi, Mew, my friend didn't use cheats for get them.


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Well there is always a risk when it is your game card you are cheating Pokemon on. But trading from someone elses game doesn't pose much of any risk. Worst thing to happen would be a few glitches maybe, but trading for the Pokemon wouldn't erase your data.

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If he trades with me a Manaphy and I receive it, and then right away I delete Manaphy, would it give problems?
I don't want to lose my shinies.
If you delete it it certainly wont cause any problems. But it's not too likely that it will cause any problems anyway
Ok thanks!