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Say you have a Pokemon Home and Pokemon Sword save file on the same Nintendo account on the same Switch. Your switch breaks, therefore losing all the Pokemon in Sword, because it does not support Cloud Data Backup, but not in Home. Home does support Cloud Data Backup and the Pokemon in Home are stored on the server. Say I get a new Nintendo Switch and I put in my Sword cartridge, (which doesn't hold save data, only game data,) and download my backed up Home file from my previous Switch. All on same Nintendo account. If I go into Pokemon Home, and choose to communicate with Pokemon Sword, will my Pokemon be there from my previous Switch.

I'm just really paranoid about my switch breaking and losing HUNDREDS of hours getting Pokemon. If you have any ideas about how to get Pokemon from a save file that is unavailable, (not deleted) than please tell me in comments.

Feel free to change question title, I don't really know what to put there.

Not a full answer but as far as i'm aware, as long as you have access to the same nintendo id and log back in, i think in theory it should be there, but i have no way of testing it. This might be something i'll personally test when i get a new switch. Good question overall. +1
Wierd, I didn't even get it.

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