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Title says it all. If I bought the DLC, would it be in every save file?


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Yes, you can get it on every save file.

Here is an example.

Account 1's Primary Switch is the account you are downloading the DLC on.
Accounts 2-8 of the same Switch can all have the DLC as well, but they have to be connected to the internet to use it.
If Account 1 is on other Switch's, then you can redownload the DLC in the eShop for free, and you are treated the same as Accounts 2-8

To make a Switch a specific account's primary Switch, go to the eShop, click on your profile in the top right, scroll all the way down and you should see a button that either talks about registering or deregistering a Primary Switch.

I should note one thing.

  1. If two different accounts are using the DLC at the same time, then they will receive an error message that says something along the lines of "Two users are using the same downloaded content," or something like that. It sends you out of the game, but does not close it. If you are using Account 1's Primary Switch this message will not appear.

Source: Lots and lots of experience of having two Switch's used by two different people and trying to get my friend that uses an entirely different Switch some DLC so he doesn't have to pay for it.

Hope I could help and was not confusing.

It is not necroposting if the previous answer was wrong.

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As long as every save file is connected to the same Nintendo account, yes.

However, when I did this, a message saying ‘a user is already connected to this account’ at first. This lead me to assume that it wouldn’t, but when I checked next, I was able to access both the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra.

Source: Experience

I hope this helped!

Ok, thanks!
I dont think it matters if theyre connected to the same account because when me and my brother did it, it wouldnt even let us connect to our preexisting accts but we could access it
Just a quick heads up if both accounts are playing the game at the same time it will not let the account that is not the switch's primary account to play. It can also tell you that downloaded content is not playable.
Downloadable content IS playable on any User Profile that is not connected to a Nintendo account so long as 1 Profile that is connected has the DLC downloaded on the Switch. :P

Source: I did this to get Regidrago, Glastrier, and Urshifu’s other form in my game. :P
Sadly, they don’t connect to the same HOME....
Actually, they do. If a save file doesn’t have a Nintendo account, you can put any Pokémon from that save file into the Primary Nintendo account’s Pokémon Home, so long as the save data is on the same Switch. I also did this. :P
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Unfortunately this doesn't apply to the Nintendo Online, though

Source: experience

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