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Starting a fresh save on Y, but I have specific Pokémon on OR that I want to use, and I want to be able to access them as early in the game as possible. Not sure whether to use Bank or individually trade between games (or I'm forgetting something else). What would be the quickest way of sending them over?


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If you're willing to pay $5, you can use Pokémon Bank to mass-transfer boxes of Pokémon. This is the most efficient way for transferring entire PokéDexes. However, if you only want to transfer a select few, just trade them from OR to Y for free.

Please take note of the following:

1 - You will need two 3DS systems to trade them over, while PokéBank only requires one.

2 - Make sure the Pokémon you're trading from ORAS don't know any ORAS tutor/level moves that aren't available in XY, and aren't holding any ORAS exclusive items (namely Mega Stones).

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