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Soooo I have never played a handheld Pokémon game in my many years of life... (yeah, I know) I’m starting with Pokémon Yellow. I kinda wanted to do a few things differently and start over, but I still want to have the Pokémon I’ve acquired. So is that even possible?

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Can I trade all of my pokemon to someone else, delete the saved file that I currently have with with all the data for those pokemon and then be able to still get them traded back to me with having completely new file

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Yes. It is possible. In any Pokemon game, it is possible to trade and get Pokemon of different save files. However, in older games like Pokemon Yellow, trade animations are slow, so only trade Pokemon that are worth trading.

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It’s also worth mentioning the trade animations take so long, you should only trade over your favorite or best Pokémon.
Okay :P
Can you tell me what would happen if I have registered with Pokemon global link for rating battles? I really am confused whether I can use the old account with new game file.
No you need to flag your account asking Nintendo to delete it and make a new one with your new game