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So the corner above the R button just broke off of my 3DS XL, and I may end up buying myself a new one.
A while ago, I put my copy of Ultra Moon into my other, smaller, 3Ds and did a system update so I could play the software. Upon starting up the game, a screen much like the one that is there when you start a new file showed up, I think it even said something along the lines of "saving new data" or "loading data", but I can't remember what exactly. Frantically, I popped out the cartridge and returned it to my XL to see if my file got deleted. Thankfully it didn't.
It's bizarre because I can switch both Sun and Moon between the two DS's, but it really looked like my UM file almost got wipe out. Then again, I've always been a little anxious that doing stuff like that will delete my files, which is probably silly...

I mean, the XL works fine -- I can click the R button good, I can still move the screen. Heck, I was in the middle of a shiny-hunt when the corner finally broke off...But I'm concerned that some day it might become a problem.

Call me neurotic, but I want to ask... If I get a new 3DS XL and put my cartridge in there, will my saved file be intact? How can you know for sure, like did the same thing happen to you and it turned out okay? Like if I hadn't popped out the cartridge would it have been ok?

If I buy the new version of the 3DS XL, will anything change?

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I'm nearly certain that putting a cartridge in another system will not do anything except for cause time based events to stop for a day or two.

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I feel you. My right-hand hinge broke, so I got a new one, and had to transfer my Gen 6 games from one to the other, the first being an original 3DS XL, and the other being the new one. Next, about two weeks ago I spilled some water on the new one, and had to air it out. Both times the only thing that changed was my friend's data, and (credits to Hellfire Taco) the time-based events. Unlike consoles that use discs instead of cartridges, which use RAM on the disc, causing all data to be saved specifically to the system itself, the 3DS game cartridges save to the cartridge itself, thus keeping data no matter what device you use. So, to answer your question, no, your game will be fine. Hope I helped!

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Absolutely correct - I use 2 3DSXLs to trade my version exclusives!
Same here
Ah, thank you so much! Yes, I figured that would be the case...but like I said, I can be neurotic about these sorts of things. Thanks for making me feel better! I am curious though, as to what you meant when you said your friend's data changed?
As in, Friend code stuff on the PSS, and friend safari, XY
I replaced my old DS Lite with a 3DS back in 2015, so your games should still have their data.