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If it does, I'd better Pal Park my Blaziken and Skitty...
I want to test it out... What's a Pokemon that would work for it? I've seen Arbok, Arcanine and Wailord used, as well as an Azumarill on D/P/Pt.
So will it delete my save file?

im almost sure that it wont i'v used it one or twice for my friends i dont cheat :) but im 99% sure but google it just in case
......... no i does not delet saved files
i hope u dont

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No, it won't delete it. Unless something goes dreadfully wrong :o

Thanks dude, I was gonna make a video of it. BTW, what Pokemon would work to try it out? Would a Makuhita work?
A pokemon with high HP EVs but low actual HP (say, its remaining with 2 HP) should work.