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Ok, so I got a brand-new copy of Pokepark 2 Wonders Beyond for Easter from Target. Keep in mind, brand-new game, supposedly hasn't been played at all yet. Still in the original packaging and plastic-wrap. So, I boot up the game, and it seems to be running normally. But then, I go past the title screen, and dun dun duunnnn... There was a save file on the game! WHAT GIVES?!!?! It's a brand-new game from Target! TARGET DOESN'T SELL USED GAMES!!!!! The file was completely beaten, and the only remotely strange thing about the game (No Pokemon had maxed out Speed yet) was that the sprites blurred whenever they walked or ran. it seemed kinda... er... pixelly. Bottom line, it was a completely unused game and somehow it had a save file on it. But how? Answer please?
Oh, and I started a new file on File 2 and it wasn't "pixelly." It's only the one game file.

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Didn't you say you rented it from Family Video or something like that before? Then that would explain the finished file, and maybe there was a smudge on the disk or something.
Hmm... Maybe... But once I rented a Pokepark Wii before I got it and got different results...

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I've had this kind of thing as well on EOT. When I first got it, I was a Pikachu named 'mick' (And I think I know why the player named it that, Lol) and its partner was a Piplup. I don't know how that got there, but I think it was a test to see if it worked or not. Otherwise I don't really know and you should talk to Target about this.

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First thing is to contact the shop (target) and ask them if you can return this copy and ask for another one. Also heres another thing to keep in mind. Have you ever borrowed for friends game and played it on your wii? If you play pokepark 2 on one disc and play the exact same game with another disc, it will still have the memory from the old disc since it reads the wii's memory. Also, is your WII USED? if your wii is used and somebody else played pokepark 2 on it then it might have the same data.

EDIT: Rio said the following on her comment: Didn't you say you rented it from Family Video or something like that before?

If what she said was true then you were probably playing that file.

she also said: maybe there was a smudge on the disk

if thats true then it might explain the strange pixels.

Dude. After I finished playing the rented game, I deleted the file.
My Wii is new, and I just got it a year or so ago at Christmas.
And the disk was straight out of the case.
And then I brought up the fact that it is probably from Gamestop.
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Maybe....Nintendo tested it on your wii before ya got it
then Put the disc in plastic and the disc saved mermory?

I have this game to. So if the running pokemon are blurry call nintendo or target ask questions.