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For example if you beat a Poke'mon at Chase or Battling,
How many berry's is the max it could give you?

I need a:

  • Poke'mon
  • Location
  • How many prize berry's
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So you'd like how many max berries for basically every pokemon in every area? Simple enough.
Yeah kinda ^_^
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When a word that ends with "Y" (monkey, baby, donkey, etc.) is plural (meaning more than one of the object is being described, eg. "fan" would be "fans" in plural) It ends with "ies", instead of just adding a "S" like you usually would. And when a noun (person, place, thing, or idea) that ends with "S" has an apostraphe in front
of it, eg. man's, it means the noun described is in ownership of something else in the same sentence. For
egsample," The dog's bone was hard", or  "Seatlle's streets are busy".

Therfore, Berries, not Berry's.
And if you can't type "é", then just type "Pokemon". "Poke'mon" just looks weird.
..... You know that everybody makes mistakes right? We are not at school.
Though the Poke'mon thing is true.
the most berries you can have is 9,999
But if your really stuck for berries play with friend pokemon over and over again. You get berries every time you play and beat them
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I think it is 5+

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you can only have 9,999 berries