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So I played Hide-and-Seek with the male Frillish in the Cove Area. You know how when playing Hide-and-Seek, the Pokémon hiding makes a little cry to kind of give away where they're hiding? The male Frillish made the cry of the female Frillish. Is this a glitch?

I don't have Poke Park. But, I think there's a female frillish in your hide-and-seek game.
The game is played with a make Frillish, though.

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This is not a glitch. This happened because Frillish doesn't change its cry between its male and female forms.

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Not to be a bother, but all of the Pokémon in this game have their voice from the anime, including the Frillish. Their voices are different...
Yes I know. But the cries aren't different in that game for frillish's gender
Alright. I guess it's just an overlook...