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Sorry once again for weird question. Was looking through the site and saw mention of Pokepark and it made me think "what happened?"

When it came out, it looked like to me that they were going to continue making it a series with every new Pokemon generation, similarly to M.D. But it stopped after gen 5.

I was a huge Pokepark fan and honestly, this saddens me. Is there any confirmed or hypothetical reasons why Pokepark is discontinued? Has there ever been any interviews regarding the potential of bringing it back? My best guess would be there was an issue with sales, but I can't find anything confirming or denying.

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I do think you're right with your guess, and I don't mind you putting this as an answer, but could you also look for a source perhaps? Anything that can help prove your sales or unpopular theory would be good.
I thought the games were cute, y'know? the attractions were fun too. it was kind of lame but they made me happy on the inside, and the music was good lol. I would reccomend if you haven't played them before
I have the original, but I wasn't too enthused by it

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There were few of your kind. Most people thought it was a lame concept and they discontinued it is what I'd confidently guess. In the end, you got it right, it all comes down to money and if there's not enough interest to make more they won't waste their time, effort and resources. Not to mention that neither were well-received critically.

GameSpot, Nintendo Life and IGN all complained that the story or gameplay was dull or unchallenging, and these depth complaints resurfaced in their reviews of Pokepark 2. It would make perfect sense that these didn't sell.

In addition, they were released on the Wii platform, which wasn't used for any main games so some Pokemon fans may have ignored it just for that reason alone.

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