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So the other day I decided to replay Pokemon Black. I deleted my old save file to start a new one... or so I thought. I’ve made significant progress and tried to save, but I got a message saying my previous file had not been deleted yet, and in order to do so I would have to return to the title screen to delete it. I’m wondering if there’s any way I can delete my old save file without having to completely start over from where I am now.

If what I said is unclear, I can explain more in depth if you are confused. Thanks so much in advance!

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You cannot save your progress, you need to restart :( . This is because, before you wan't to start a new game, you need to delete your save file. To do this you need to press up + select + B at the same time at the Title screen. Unfortunately, as I said, you cannot save your current progress because you had to do this before restarting.

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This question was basically already answered -- Here

Sorry about your progress, it happened to me too when I first got SoulSilver, but it sounds like you got farther than I did. Bummer, man :(

When I first got HeartGold, that happened to me.
Sending you thoughts and prayers.