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I can transfer my event pokémon like Magearna to the Bank but I have a Mewnium Z which I don't want to lose. What are my options? There's nobody that I know IRL whom I can trade my items to.

Arranging something online might be your best option. /r/PokemonTrades is an idea -- you might be able to arrange for someone to hold on to your item or exchange something for a replacement. https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemontrades/
Can't you attach items to pokemon to put in the bank?
@Missingno Lv. 110 No, you can't put items into the Bank.
Even if you give Mewium Z to Mew to hold, then trade it away to restart your game, and trade it back, wouldn't you only have that one Mewium Z?  Would it be added to your Z Crystal bag when you take it back from your Mew, or would it be lost?
Sorry I have to correct myself here. I didn't check, and appararently it's not possible trade Z-Crystals at all, I guess to stop players getting them early. So this is very difficult now.
where did you get a mewnium z!
I'm pretty sure the mewnium z is obtained from an event that's still happening, so you can deposit all your Pokemon in the bank, restart the game, and repeat the process of getting a mewnium z.

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As this question has been left unanswered for a year, I thought that I might as well answer it.

The only way to start a new game without losing all of your items is to trade Pokemon holding the items that you want to keep to another game, and then trading them back, once you've restarted your game.
It'd probably be fastest and safest if you had two system and two games of the same generation. That way, the only person you have to trust to trade your items back is yourself, and that shouldn't be a problem for most people.
If you don't have two systems, but do have two games, you can put Pokemon holding the items you want to keep on the GTS and accept the trade on your other system. Obviously, the problem with this is that there's a chance that you won't be the first person to get to your trade, so somebody else could end up with the item you wanted to keep.
You can also, as Fizz said, find somebody on the internet who's both trustworthy and willing to take a bit of time to receive your items and trade them back to you.
Also, you cannot trade Z-Crystals, you can't keep the event-exclusive ones.

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I did have to revise what I said a little bit, as it seems you can’t actually trade Z-Crystals — though I probably didn’t do much besides a quick scan through a few forum threads. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Nope, you're right. You can't trade Z-Crystals. I'll add that to my answer.