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I've looked all over the site for what nature is best for Greninja and I'm really suprised that I cant find it, because I can find natures for some others, like Gengar. But what nature should I have on my special protean Greninja?


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For Greninja, having a Timid (Speed +, Attack -)nature works! Naive (Speed +, Sp Def -) works out as well if you plan on making a mixed Greninja or just to have U-Turn, but if its just a Special Attacker, then just stick with Timid.

Maximum Speed and Special Attack investment with a Timid nature gives Greninja maximum power and a huge advantage over many fast unboosted threats, including Alakazam, Tornadus-T, Starmie, and Latios, as well as Choice Scarf Tyranitar. It also ensures it Speed ties with opposing Greninja, which can be very important. These threats are so important that Modest and Rash natures should not even be considered. A Naive nature can be considered if Greninja uses U-turn, although the power boost may prove insignificant. -Smogon

Hope this helped!
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It really depends on which role.

If you are going with a full-on special sweeper set and want to hit hard with your attacks, opt for Modest (+SpA, -Atk), as this will boost your SpA without lowering any other important stats, since you wouldn't need Attack anyways.

If you are going special attacks all the way but want to be faster than your opponent without the use of a Scarf or any other speed-boosting items, you're looking for a Timid (+Spe, -Atk) nature. This will increase your speed and lower your attack, which as I said is unnecessary if you don't have any physical attacks in your moveset.

If you want to include physical moves as well such as U-Turn, then the options above wouldn't be a good decision. You would have to sacrifice another stat, preferably defense or special defense. If you think defense is less important, choose Mild (+SpA, -Def). Or, if you're willing to let special defense go, use Rash (+SpA, -SpD).

imo Naive. Let's it do max damage with Gunk Shot while not losing out on the speed.
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My answer is simple.

The highest stat of greninja is speed.
The lowest stat of greninja is defense.

So relaxed- (+Defense),(-Speed).

You can think that greninja is a ninja and ninja always be active. they can't be lazy .
For that :-

go to the next hightest stat.
and that is Special attack.

So Impish- (+Defense),(-Special attack).

Hope this helped :)