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So a couple months back I was breeding a Charizard in my Pokémon White to get a Charmander. I put him in the Day Care with a Ditto, got my Egg and hatched it. To my surprise, the baby Charmander knew the moves Shadow Claw and Flare Blitz. The parent Charizard knew both of those moves, but when I looked up Zard's Egg Moves, Shadow Claw wasn't one of them!

Anyway, this got me thinking: I need a male Dragon Dance Horsea to breed DDance onto a Bagon in X. Right now I have a female with DDance, but I need a male to breed to Bagon. So I was wondering if what happened with my Charizard could happen to my Horsea: I breed the female Horsea with DDance with Ditto until I get a male baby, and DDance will be passed down to that baby. I know that Dragon Dance is not an Egg Move for Horsea, but neither is Shadow Claw for Charmander. Would this strategy work to get a male Horsea with Dragon Dance? Just a recap:

  • breed female DDance Horsea with Ditto
  • get baby male Horsea with DDance
  • breed male Horsea with female Bagon to get DDance Bagon

Please, if anyone can confirm or deny my findings, do so.

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You do not need to breed a Horsea to get D-Dance

Horsea learns D-Dance by level up at level 38
You can just get any random male Horsea and level up to 38

Breeding a D-Dance Bagon

  • Get a male Horsea with D-Dance and breed it with a female Bagon
  • You get a Bagon with Dragon Dance

Its as easy as that :D

I know that I don't need to breed DDance onto Horsea, I'm just windering if it's able to pass down DDance once it knows it.
Ye. Its like Pliplup and Surf. Surf isn't an egg move however if one of its parents know it , surf gets passed down
Okay, that helps.
Piplup would only know Surf because when eggs are hatched if the parent knows a TM/HM move that the offspring can learn, the offspring hatches know the move.
TM was a shadow claw learnt my 'Zard