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This is the MAIN question
I'm teaching my Serperior a great combination of moves to make her more effective in battle and I would like to teach it Iron Tail. However, I know that Serperior cannot learn this move by level up or by TM (I have have Pokemon white by the way so I can't teach it through 'move tutor' or whatever it's called :( )
Anyway my question is when you breed a female serperior with a male Pokemon that knows iron tail can serperior THEN learn that move or only the hatched snivy will know iron tail.

So if I breed two Pokemon can the female learn moves from the male and vice versa.
I know it sounds like a bit of a nooby question but I REALLY want to clarify. Thanks.

this is just my lil' (or big) bonus question

Another question I have (if you have time) is:
Is this moveset ok? xD

Serperior Lvl:70 (female)
Naive Nature, often dozes off

HP: 208

Attack: 163
Defense: 145
Sp. Atk: 135
Sp. Def: 131
Speed: 225

Aerial Ace
Leaf Blade
Giga Drain
Dragon Tail OR Iron tail (if I can get it)

i use the three physical attacks to take advantage of my high attack stat, Giga Drain for... y'know health... n'stuff..

Aerial Ace for that type coverage and the bonus of it being a physical attack.. dragon tail for if I need to get rid of the opposition Pokemon which is a supper-effective type (example: poison type) as a last resort. Also I can use dragon tail for dragon types and just that little extra type coverage (because dragon type moves do regular damage to nearly all types)

Sorry if that last bit didn't make sense but I would just like to hear what you would reccomend for serperior and what stats and attacks your serperior has..

Thanks again :).


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Main Question

Since Iron Tail is an egg move of Snivy, you can get it by breeding. Here is how you get it:

1) Breed a Male Aron/Lairon/Aggron that knows Iron Tail with a Female Minccino/Cinccino to produce a Male Minccino with Iron Tail.

2) Breed the Male Minccino with a Female Snivy/Servine/Serperior to get a Snivy with Iron Tail.

Bonus Question

Your moveset is fine overall.
I see you're new, and I'm going to tell you stats don't matter. Just list any EVs you invested, IVs (if you would like to, not necessary), Nature, Item and Ability.

Thanks for the answer, you answered it loud 'n clear  xD. So only the hatched Snivy and not the mother will have  learnt iron tail, correct?

Also I am new [I must be so obvious xD]  so could you kind of explain what these mean for me and tell me if I am correct and clarify, I'm just want to learn everything important about pokemon so I can raise mine to thier fullest potential. It'd be sweet to hear more answers from someone who has clearly has them. Thanks again :D.

Stats: hp, attack ect.
IV's: I know it means Individual values so does that mean 'Attack' is an example of an 'IV'
EV: i know this means 'Effort Values' and that it multiplies the amount of EXP earned depending on the pokemon and type you defeated. Correct
Nature: My Serperior's nature is Naive [often dozes off] and the nature can be completely random but what exactly does this effect/do?

Just clarify if these are right/wrong that's all i really want to know, if something isn't entirely correct please just give me a brief explanation on where i went wrong and what it actually is.

I know pretty much what is needed to know when it comes to pokemon, however since i'm new and you may think there is something i should know that I may not have known in the first place and could be useful, please don't hesitate to tell me.

Sorry for the mouthful, I hope this isn't to much of a bother and thank you once again for answering.
1) Yes. Hatched Snivy.
2) Yeah... you're kind of obviously new. Don't take it harshly though.
3) Stats: HP, Attack, ect.
4) IVs: IVs are 6 numbers that correspond to each stat between 0 and 31 given to a newly hatched/encountered Pokemon. At level 100, a Pokemon with a IV of 31 in a stat has 31 more points in that stat with a Pokemon with a 0 IV. Does that make sense?
5) EVs: No. That's not how EVs work. Pokemon gain EVs by defeating Pokemon. Each specific Pokemon has a certain amount of EVs in one stat they give out (i.e. Magikarp gives out 1 Speed EV). You can have 252 EVs in one stat (255 EVs in B2/W2 and earlier) and 4 EVs  = 1 Point in the stat.
6) Natures: A nature increases one stat by 10% and lowers another by 10% (albeit HP). For example, an Adamant nature raises Attack by 10% and lowers Special Attack by 10%.

There's a quick guide for what you asked.