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Breeding quandry - How do I get three Egg Moves to Ferroseed?

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I'm trying to get Stealth Rock, Spikes, and Leech Seed to my Ferroseed, but there is no Pokemon aside from Ferroseed that can learn all three. I can get SR, and Spikes to a Dwebble and then breed it over to Ferroseed, but I have no way of breeding LS over without losing SR and Spikes.

Can anyone help?

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You have to breed a Ferrothorn with a Cacturne knowing Leech Seed and Spikes, then learn it Stealth Rock from a Move Tutor in BW2.

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I'll remember that for when I get around to playing BW2 again. I'm currently playing Black. Thank you for the advice.
Glad to help.