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I was breedind my Crawdant.

I have Corpish with 4 egg moves, when I use Corpish+Corpish or Corpish+Ditto I got others Corpish with 4 egg moves too, but when I do Corpish+Greninja I got Corpish with only 1 egg move.



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It's most likely the case that your Greninja has moves in its moveset that are compatible egg moves for Corphish, and therefore the moves Greninja had overlapped with the egg moves you wanted to pass down from your Corphish breeder, since Pokemon now inherit moves from both parents.

Dittos have no moves except Transform, meaning all moves your Corphish has are guaranteed to be passed down as long as they're egg moves.

If you want to breed Greninja with Corphish, delete all of the egg moves Corphish can learn from its moveset, and the 4 moves from your Corphish should all pass down.

Source: experience

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I've passed on 4 egg moves from corphish + ditto:- Here's how I done it..

Males pass on egg moves
Females pass on natures and abilities
Ditto holds (destiny bond) to pass iv's from ditto to baby.

So, get a male corphish with the desired egg moves, equip it with ''everstone'' (everstone = for the desired nature and a good chance of ability) - Ability's not guaranteed (so may take a few eggs) and then place corpish @ evertsone + male with ditto @ destiny knot.

Dittos can breed with any Pokemon besides - ditto's
and most legendary types (besides manaphy and phione).

If your still having trouble message me and i'll breed you one.

Hope I helped!

Thanks, but I don't know how to send message here. O_o
i'll message your wall with my details. and you bk if you'd like.
Females can also pass egg moves so #fail yeah