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I know the parent both know the some move, and special moves learned by the father, but what if the pokemon breeds with a ditto? How is the moveset decided?

And can you breed ditto with ditto?



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You can't breed two Ditto. You just can't. If the Pokemon breeds with a Ditto, the moves the male has that are eggs moves for the baby will be passed down. The Pokemon can only learn their egg moves.

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A male pokemon can pass down egg moves to its baby by breeding with a ditto.
The male must of course already have the egg moves in order to pass them to its baby

Thats not the question! It is "How are egg move decided"

I don't mean to be rude, by the way.
They are decided by the moves the male knows.
your pokemon will get any moves it normaly gets when hatched along with any egg moves the male parent already has. Does that answer ur question