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I'm breeding a female Squirtle with a male Clawitzer on my Y Version, trying to get a Squirtle with all four aura/pulse attacks. The Clawitzer knows all four aura/pulse attacks (Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Water Pulse, Aura Sphere) but the Squirtle hatched only know Tackle, Dragon Pulse, and Aura Sphere.

I know I don't actually need to have Water Pulse as an egg move because it learns it by level up, but it would still be nice to have, plus I want to know now if I'm doing this wrong and if there's a trick for breeding later on.


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Unless you want to chain breed, there isn't a way to breed water pulse onto squirtle. I'm also assuming that you don't care aboi dark pulse since it's a tm. If you want to get water pulse, you have to level up or chain breed. I'd advise you to level up