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Okay I know the question is worded horribly but I honestly cannot word my question into a clear sentence. I shall explain my question further here....

Okay so I want a Freeze-Dry Lapras. I already have a Male Aurorus with Freeze Dry and a Female Bold Nature Lapras with perfect IVs except Attack.

I used a Destiny Knot and Everstone but I'm very unlucky in getting a Female Lapras with Water Absorb and with perfect IVs.

So basically, if Aurorus and Lapras give me a Male Lapras with Freeze Dry and subpar IVs, can I use that same Male Offspring with my female Lapras and still keep Freeze Dry? or will Freeze Dry not be bred onto the next offspring?


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No Freeze-Dry would pass on to the next offspring.
You can use the same male offspring with your female lapras and have the offspring learn Freeze Dry as a egg move

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Oh okay, awesome. Thanks!