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I leveled a male Froakie up to Greninja, then took it to the move tutor to teach it Spikes. Now, I'm breeding these two:

Surskit (F)
- Bubble

Greninja (M)
- Water Shuriken
- Spikes

The egg groups match, but what would determine whether Surskit can get Spikes or not?

Sounds like it should work :P

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No, Surskit wouldn't get Spikes because Spikes is not an Egg Move for Surskit. It need to be an Egg Move for it to be passed down through breeding.

Source: Experience

Ah, thanks.

A follow up, how would I know whether a move is an egg move or not?

Breeding a Snorlax and Tropius correctly can yield a Snorlax that knows Whirlwind as an egg move. How would I be able to know what egg moves are available to which Pokemon? Is the only way to figure it out when there is no data online to test breed it?

For example, Froakie on Bulbapedia has no listed Egg moves. This seems like it would most likely be false. Is there a way to tell what is and is not an egg move without going through the entire breeding process?