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I caught a female Buneary having the ability Run Away , then evolved it to a Lopunny having the ability Cute Charm. I want to breed it with a Machop to get an offspring with the move Low-Kick

Now I have a male Machop with the said move learned and with adamant nature. For the offspring Buneary I'm aiming to pass on the nature so I gave the Machop an everstone. Got the move, got the nature, however again and again I seem to be getting Buneary babies only with the ability Klutz
Tbh, breeding is still a bit tricky for me. Am I missing something? I do NOT want this (dis)ability for my Pokemon

How do I get a baby having Adamant nature, The egg move and NOT the ability Klutz?
Edit: i'm playing on Gen IV Platinum version

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The ability should be completely random in Platinum. Just keep breeding.
oh ok,  had to be sure I wasn't doomed to always be getting Klutz

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The chances of the Buneary obtaining Klutz or Runaway is completely 50%

Before Generation V, the Ability slot that a Pokémon Egg would have when it hatched was left to random chance, resulting in a 50% chance of having either slot[Slot 1 being Runaway and Slot 2 being Klutz]. Since Generation V, though, special mechanics have been introduced.

Not sure how many Buneary you've hatched but if you've hatched 10 the chances of you getting all buneary with Klutz is around 1/1024

Number from binomial distribution (feel free to check my maths)