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I have a Lopunny, but I don't know what held item to use for her since it has the ability Klutz.

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No. Klutz is a bad ability because it removes your Pokemon's ability to benefit from items during battle. Even if you had access to Switcheroo, Klutz would be unhelpful as Switcheroo is a highly unnecessary strategy for in-game playthroughs. It is more efficient to simply attack your opponents.

Klutz does not remove effects that operate outside of battle, such as boosted prize money from Amulet Coin, boosted friendship from Soothe Bell, and decreased wild encounter rate from Cleanse Tag. Items like these would be best for your Lopunny. Lucky Egg is a good option because it helps you overlevel your Pokemon, but it is hard to get in Platinum. (Use this technique if you want to try for a Lucky Egg.)

It is worth adding that Lopunny in general is a bad choice for Platinum playthroughs, even without Klutz. It has low Attack and significant overlap with Staraptor, which is a better Pokemon in almost every way. If you want to your playthrough to be hassle-free, you should not use Lopunny at all.

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Thank you, for real though, I've been hunting a lucky egg holding Chansey and yet I always get an oval stone holding Chansey. Thanks though! I'll be sure to play platinum again, I just won and I'll play it again to regain the wasted time I spent looking for a chansey with a lucky egg, and yet nothing was found