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Breed a Female Snorunt with a Klefki to get it to learn Spikes. Make sure the egg is Female.

Then breed the egg with a Castform, Roserade, or Vanilluxe, to obtain Weather Ball.

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It's pretty complicated, so here it is:
Breed a male pineco/forretress with spikes with a female crustle. The baby dwebble should have spikes. The dwebble has to be male. Then breed the dwebble with spikes with a female snorunt/glalie/froslass. The baby snorunt has to be female. Then breed the snorunt with spikes with a male Roserade knowing weather ball. Tada! You have a snorunt with spikes and weather ball. Hope I helped!

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but if a breed with Male Snorunt with Female Roserade I will get Roselia