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Froslass's Pokedex entry states that it freezes prey and occasionally used them as decorations. The dawn usually signifies light, and freezing prey maliciously seems anything but light. Is there any possible reasoning as to why the Dawn Stone would work better than, say, the Dusk Stone?

Please don't question my curiosity.

Snorunt and Kirlia are the only two Pokemon to use a Dawn Stone to evolve. I'm assuming it was just because they needed a way to evolve those Pokemon.

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The final answer of course, is GameFreak logic, but I've got a few theories:

  • Froslass is based off of a dead woman lost in the cold mountains. In this sense, it could be the rebirth of said missing person into a Pokemon. This is made easier to digest as a theory when the Japanese name of the item is considered: The Awakening Stone. Perhaps the woman went to sleep (coma) due to the cold and frostbite, and the Stone awakened her from that state to that of a Froslass.

  • It's a balancing mechanic: As of D/P/Pt, the Dusk Stone can already evolve Murkrow and Misdreavus into their respective evolutions. If the Dawn Stone was introduced to complement the Dusk Stone, it makes sense to have the same number of Pokemon being able to use it to evolve as a sort of equalizing method, otherwise there'd be 3 Dusk Stone evolutions and just 1 Dawn Stone, two and two is more balanced. That said, this theory falls apart as later generations straight up ignored this to allow Lampent and Doublade to evolve as well, without bumping the Dawn Stone users. Clearly GameFreak mishandled the item balancing, but there's still hope it can used in a future generation.

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Froslass Design is base one Japanese Youkai named " Yuki Onna(雪女, : snow woman) "

A woman spirit that appear on winter snowy night , preying on men life force by freezing them to death.
that's match on Froslass description on many version of Pokedex right?

Beside there are Lesser version of Yuki Onna. A Youkai called " Yuki Warashi (雪童子 : snow children)" that Snorunt Based from
It's a youkai that look like little child wearing pointy straw hat . that likely appear on snowy day
play trick on traveler to lost in the mountain. once they lived long enough they will grow to be full fledged Yuki Onna.

does these mythology look familiar to how snorunt get evolve to Froslass ?

What does this explain? I don't understand why this means Snorunt needs a Dawn Stone.