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What connection do Roselia/Roserade have with the Shiny Stone? I would think either Leaf Stone or even Sun Stone would make more sense to evolve Roselia. So what's the logic here?

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Adding to what ~MCY~ posted, the other reason is that it could be to have all three Evolutionary Stones introduced in Gen 4 to have two evolutions each:

  • Dusk Stone for Murkrow and Misdreavus
  • Dawn Stone for Kirlia and Snorunt
  • Shiny Stone for Togetic and Roselia

Of course as more generations were added the Shiny Stone gained more users, but in the introductory generation it makes sense for all 3 stones to have 2 users each.

As for the Leaf/Sun Stones, by Gen 4 they already had plenty of users and GameFreak probably wanted to start off a fresh batch of stones than depend on previous items, as a way to introduce the items to decent popularity, and to reduce the need for multiple Leaf /Sun Stones as they are limited in game, so players can use those to evolve other Pokemon.

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Game Freak logic. Though I have turned into someone who has theories that don’t make sense, so here you go.

Theory #1: The shiny stone may make Roselia evolve into Roserade as a nod to Roserade’s name. The “rade” comes from “masquerade”, or “a false show”. If you think about that dictionary entry, the “false show” could be a reference to a movie, or a movie star. And you know what stars do? They shine. Like a Shiny Stone. Also, actors PRETEND to be their characters.

Theory #2: This theory is also that the Shiny Stone links to Roserade’s name. Again, the “rade” part. If you think about it, a masquerade is when you pretend to be something you aren’t. Maybe, just maybe, the Shiny Stone is so shiny and bright that it somehow conceals Roselia, making it evolve into Roserade.

Theory #3: The Shiny Stone has light in it, kind of like the sun. So Roselia evolves from the light emitting from a Shiny Stone, because maybe it is brighter than the light coming from a Sun Stone (Whimsicott-W’s theory, by the way, I’m not going to take credit for it).

So, in conclusion, the answer is Game Freak logic, but if you want, you can just make up your own theory for it or use one of these.

Note that these are not official and were created by trying to make the most reasonable guess for it.

Hope this helps! :)

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