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For froslass non hail.

Actually, you CANT dexnav snorunt on the bottom floor, despite that being the one place to find it. You can dexnav it on the floors above though, so everywhere but the icy floor.

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You can get it via dexnav in Shoal Cave or in XY you can try to find it in a friend safari. It's found easily in a friend safari with snorunt in it. But it's really hard to find snorunt with HA via dexnav. Good luck

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It's not too hard, just unlikely. I was chaining for Regenerator Tangela and found two in 43, the first at 20 encounters.
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You can Dexnav chain in ORAS (Shoal Cave Bottom Floor)
It can also be found in Ice Type friend safaris

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Friend Safari

An Ice-Type Safari with Snorut with all 3 Pokemon unlocked will have a chance of having a HA Snorunt

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