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Cursed Body: Might get to disable the opponents move on the first turn.
Frisk: You get to see their item.

Whenever I frisk my gf she curses my body. Huhuhuhuhh.

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Frisk is the better option.

This is purely because of Frisk's scouting potential. It is especially important if a sweeper is choice-locked into a move because you can see whether if it has Specs / Band / Scarf or if the Pokemon is just faking a Choiced item and has Expert Belt. In rare cases, the Pokemon might have a berry that reduces damage from a certain-type attack or it might be a Sitrus Berry.

Cursed Body has a 1/3 chance of working; which means that it might not always work. In addition, you only have 1 time to use it; so that means it won't always activate.

For those reasons, Frisk is a better option.
If I didn't have to pick between the two, I would choose Insomnia to prevent Sleep status.
Anyways, I hope I helped!

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It comes down to what you're looking for. All three of Banettes ablities have usage in battle for various purposes even if you intend to Mega Evolve it.

Insomnia: Allows Banette to act as a sleep absorber, taking on that pesky condition to keep it off of your other Pokemon.

Frisk: Allows you to scout the opponent's item, which can be highly useful for identifying their strategy.

Cursed Body: Allows you to lock an opponent's move. It has its uses but is limited when you Mega Evolve as you probably get one usage out of it.

Out of the three, I'd say that either Insomnia or Frisk would be the better choice as Cursed Body has limited usage with Mega Evolving.

It really comes down to what you're after and if you want an answer about the abilities you have suggested, I'd go with:


Source: Experience

but how does insomnia work with mega evolution?
It works for the first turn
but mega evolution happens before the opponent moves.
Not everyone mega evolves on the first turn. Sometimes, you want the pre-mega ability to do its job before you mega evolve.
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Personally, Frisk would be a better option. You could use Frisk and Knock-Off to render the oppositions item useless, which is great tactically. However, Cursed Body can render a certain move used against you useless, which can also heavily disrupt an enemies tactics. However, the Cursed Body ability will only trigger about a third of the time, meaning that it can be more unreliable than Frisk. Also, if you plan to Mega Evolve it in battle, the Cursed Body is rendered absolutely useless anyway because the ability has changed to Prankster.

My advice is to use Frisk to find out the items your opposition are using, Mega Evolve, and use Knock-Off, or Embargo (which gets +1 priority) to disrupt your opposition. If you really want to disable opposition moves, then it can learn disable as an egg move.

I hope I helped