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Okay, Lets say a pokemon has cursed body, and cursed body disables one of my moves, if it has already disabled one of my moves, and the pokemon uses disable on another one of them, would that move be disabled too?

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Okay guys, its been 2 months, can somebody give an accurate tested answer?
Disable mechanics are pretty hard to test on PO, especially concerning Cursed Body. I tried looking on bulbapedia, and it didn't give anything. This is a good question. Will or DT should be able to answer this, if I don't know something then one of them is likely to know it.
Considering its 2 months old and not answered, it must be.
Also, to clear a few things up from questions I've gotten in the chat, there IS a pokemon with cursed body who can learn disable that's Banette.
i don't know because a trainers pokemon used its ability on me so I switched pokemon.but the same thing happened except the other pokemons ability didn't get activated.
Sorry for the excess comments Pokemaster, when I would comment on an answer ( Normally just a guess of someone, trying to remove the question from the unanswered list ) it would move to the question.
Sorry if this bothered you, i'll try to keep my questions less comment loaded from now on :)

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Okay, After testing it on PO, we can confirm that Cursed body does not disable multiple moves. We tried with a heatran. He used earth power first, then dragon pulse. The former was disabled, but he could still use dragon pulse.

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Not sure if PO is 100% reliable. They may not have tested this exact situation and programmed it in. I'll see if I can test on DS for 100% accuracy.
We even brought this up earlier. It's the best I could do.