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Can you breed a Smeargle with Spikes with a Wimpod to get Spikes as an egg move?

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Smeargle is in the Field egg group and, therefore, cannot breed with Wimpod.

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Wimpod learns Spikes as an Egg Move. So just breed it with any Pokémon that is in either the Bug or Water 3 egg groups that can learn your requested move.

For you to get Spikes on Wimpod, you must have a female Wimpod because, when breeding, the child becomes whatever the mother is.

How does that work?
Cloyster is in the Water 3 egg group and Pineco / Forretress are in the Bug egg group. They are compatible partners for your Wimpod to breed with, since they can learn Spikes through level-up and are in the same egg groups as Wimpod.

Put your (FEMALE) Wimpod and male Cloyster/Pineco/Forretress in the Daycare Center together. Eventually, they will produce a Wimpod egg which will have Spikes in its moveset.
Using Jason’s method above, Shellder can be fished in Kala’e Bay and evolved to Cloyster using a Water Stone, who can then learn Spikes at LV28.
Pineco/Forretress needs to be traded, I think.
That is correct, mien friend!