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I'm trying to find a Pokémon in the UU that can learn spikes toxic spikes and stealth rocks stats don't really matter it's gonna be a sacrifice Pokémon can someone please help me

Spikes and stealth rock: Crustle, Ferroseed, Coalossal
Spikes and toxic spikes: Qwilfish, Roserade, Garbodor, Accelgor, Pincurchin
Stealth rock and toxic spikes: Runerigus
Note that the cool people on Smogon think only Roserade and Accelgor are "viable" in UU. I also recommend having 2 different hazard users (probably Roserade and Cobalion) on your team. If you only have 1 hazard user, then the opponent can easily defeat that hazard user and defog all your hazards.

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I'm pretty sure only fortress gets this combination of moves. Fortress is legal in gen 7 UU, but you can't use it in gen 8 because of dexit.

Omastar gets it too, and is also legal in gen 7 UU, but it also dexited.
Fortress is definetly the superior hazard setter, however.