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I've heard various times on this site people saying level 3 spikes or level 2 stealth rocks. What does that mean?

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I think people meant level two toxic spikes.

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Level 3 Spikes is when you or an opponent sets up Spikes three times.

  • The first level is when you set up one layer of Spikes, which cuts 1/8 of your opponents Pokemon as an entry hazard. (As long as they are not Flying type)

  • The second level is one more layer after the first layer which cuts 1/6 of your opponents Pokemon's health as an entry hazard.

  • The third level is the absolute maximum and is only possible after the second layer of Spikes which cuts 1/4 of your opponents health as an entry hazard.

And as for Level 2 Stealth Rock, l've never heard of that before, and l do not know if that is possible.

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Level 2 stealth rock does not exist. Cutting 100%of you're hp if you have 4x weakness would be too crazy.
Not that stealth rock isn't overpowered as is.
Ok, I thought it was level 2 stealth rocks, but it must have been something else.
No but there is level 2 Toxic Spikes which badly poisons upon switching in.