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Does a Pokemons stats affect the damgae they take through spikes, toxic spikes, and stealth rocks? If I put ALL of those in how much damage would it do, roughly??


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No but other factors like type are taken into effect.

Stealth Rocks:If a Pokemon's typing weakens the power of rocks type moves it will take little damage from rock damage. If a Pokemon's typeing makes it weak to rock type moves it takes 25% away. If a Pokemon's typeing makes it 4 times weak to rock type moves like charziard for example it loses half its health.

Spikes: Levitation users or flying types will avoid damage completely. 1 layer of Spikes will cause a set amount of damage to all Pokemon that dont fit in the Pokemon above. 2 layers of Spikes will cause even more damage than that. 3 layers of Spikes will cause the most damage to the Pokemon its all set damage though.

Toxic Spikes:Again levitation users or flying types avoid these as well, but now Steel Types and Poison types will also avoid these. 1 layer will cause any Pokemon that doesnt fit in the above category to get Poisoned. 2 layers will cause the Pokemon that come in to get Badly Poisoned which takes away more health each consecutive turn instead of the set damage by normal Poison.

Important: Magic Guard users avoid all of these.

Awesome! THANKS!!

I dont suppose you know of any pokemon who can learn all of these entry hazards?
Fortress, Smergle, and some others :3