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Currently there are three types of entry hazard that do damage immediately upon switch-in. Stealth rocks, Spikes and G-max Steelsurge rocks. If my math is correct then, with all three (steel rocks, stealth rocks and 3-layers of spikes) all ice bug type Pokemon would instantly faint without heavy boots. I would appreciate if someone would do in game testing (not showdown as it is unreliable) and either confirm or deny this.


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do you know of any other type combos that this is effective against?
I think it's possible if one type is ice and the other is flying, bug, rock, or fairy. I don't know how to do it without an ice Pokemon.
Flying types are immune to Spikes so it wouldn't happen that way. Otherwise, yes, all other combos check out. If Flying was susceptible to Spikes, we wouldn't necessarily need an Ice type, and we could do this to things like Togekiss and Aerodactyl.

Bug/Rock would fall this way. That's the only one I can think of otherwise. It's an interesting concept to think about because this is based around Copperajah, which I believe is a Pokemon that's going to be really poor and not meta, correct me if I'm mistaken?
They're not immune to spikes if they have an iron ball.
Rock flying, fairy flying, and bug rock all take at most 1/4 HP from the 3 damaging hazards, so they can't OHKO from full HP.
Oh right, we need a 4x. I was never great at math. But we shouldn't be assuming they're holding one. It's theoretically possible, but it's an unlikely scenario.
I'm pretty sure this is all theoretical. The real likely scenario is where all of these Pokemon are holding heavy duty boots.