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Most Pokémon that are used for setting up entry hazards are bulky Pokémon (Deoxys-defense). It also makes sense to use Deoxys-defense since it can stay longer to set up all those entry hazards, but Deoxys-speed is frail and can't take more than 1 hit and has to hold a focus sash but Deoxys-defense can utilise many more items. If Deoxys-defense is this superior, then why Deoxys-speed used over it?

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Probably cause it's defences aren't bad
Uh...Deoxys-Defense has 50/160/160, while Deoxys-Speed has 50/90/90 defenses
Probably because it can KO a potential threat if need be
What do you mean? @SSuperiority
Your question is 'Why is Deoxys-speed used over Deoxys-defense for setting up entry hazards?' Then Lyle said probably because its defenses aren't bad

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“Deoxys-D is an unviable Pokémon in Ubers due to having to many flaws that seriously harm it’s only valuable niche as a bulky spikes setter”-Smogon

“Deoxys-D’s seemingly excellent bulk, having base 160 Special Defense and Defense, is hindered greatly by its low base 50 HP”-Smogon

Deoxys-D isn’t very fast, and investing in speed would take away from investing in more defenses. It can be outsped and defeated before it can do much.

“Deoxys-S is a brilliant dedicated lead due to the fact that it has the highest base Speed in the game and access to utility moves such as Stealth Rock, Spikes, Taunt, Skill Swap, Magic Coat, and dual screens.”

Deoxys S has that amazing speed that allows it to outspeed almost everything and set screens, rocks, and spikes, etc. Even though it has mediocre defenses, it can hold a sash and is garunteed to set atleast 2 things up. It’s ability to oustpeed and set screens is helpful for its defensive capabilities.

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