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Straight forward explanation, I'm doing a Pokémon hardcore nuzlocke but with only a single type (I'll give link for what an hardcore nuzlocke is at the end). I have chosen the Fire-type. The problem arrives at the first gym that will be hard, other than maybe Tate and Liza, Juan, Glacia's Walrein and the Champion Wallace. Roxanne will be the hardest because her level cap is just before Torchic evolves and gets Double Kick. Please give me suggestions for moveset, EVs and nature pls.

To get to know what a hardcore nuzlocke is, check this.
This is only for beginner nuzlocker if you are en expert you can skip this.

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I don't think you can and I don't think you're gonna get another fire type until you reach the area around lavaridge
Quit and choose a different type or hack a Blaziken into the game.

All jokes aside I don't think this is possible.

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After looking at Torchic's moveset, TMs, items, and such, I've come to the conclusion that It's basically impossible!

At this point in the game, Torchic just doesn't have any moves that can do good damage to Rock types. Attack EVs won't help much, since your moves won't be effective against them. Defensive EVs won't help much either, because Torchic is going down after a few Rock moves. Unless you get god lucky RNG that Roxanne misses all her attacks, your attacks somehow kill all her Pokemon, and she quits her job, you aren't winning. There aren't any good items that can make things easy for you unfortunately.

So yeah, get god lucky RNG or lose. It's just not possible Personally, I'd recommend starting over and choosing a different type or making the rules a bit more flexible (cause yeah, you don't got much options and you won't be getting a new member any time soon). Hopes this helps Ig...

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I don't think this is allowed in a hardcore nuzlocke, but I'll say. Use Ember on Geodude, if it burns you made it! If doesn't burn, Reset.
just try scratch or tackle or hope for some flinches with quick attack  then take it out eventually evolve and double kick
How is that supposed to do enough damage to win?
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Okay this might not work but hear me out.
I think you plummet their already poor attack stats with growl so that you can resist their rock tomb. Speed is everything because rock tomb lowers speed. I would grind out speed EVs on zigzagoons until even with -6 speed you are faster. Maybe also SpA EVs with Ralts? Use focus energy to boost crit ratio. Spam ember and exploit their lower special defensive stat.
If this doesn't work and you lose, sorry.

Nosepass won't die to Ember even with a crit. I don't think this will work.
Even with 252 Speed EVs and a Speed boosting nature you can't outspeed Nosepass or Geodude at -6. Even if you Growl every time you can against Geodude, Rock Tomb does too much damage and Torchic will inevitably die.

I think the only way to do this is to hope for every Rock Throw or Rock Tomb to miss.
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