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I have a HA torchic with perfect IVs with a...LONELY NATURE! Why?? Can lonely nature work in competitive? Help please!

Mixed Blaziken is probably not the best thing... although some actually run HP Ice on their variants.
To surprise Landorus-T who think they can halt their sweep with Intimidate.

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Lonely Nature isn't the worst possible nature for a Blaziken, but it also isn't the best. It raises Attack and lowers Defense, giving him a boost, but also increasing weakness to a hit he might otherwise survive. If this is okay with you, Great!

If not, you should breed this Torchic to get a better nature, such as Adamant. Once you get that, breed the one with the proper nature while holding an Everstone until you get the right IVs.
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Good Luck!

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One thing, it's IVs. Not EVs.
Thanks for catching that.
Thanks! And I hate breeding :D, I just trade till I get a good one.
I wouldn't use the GTS though.
Why won't you use the GTS?
people on the GTS can scam you