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I think:

Baton Pass: Yes, this is a Baton Passer, and it actually has some good moves to pass.

Heat Wave: STAB. Even with Swords Dance, this is powerful. I would have put Flame Wheel or Fire Punch, but Torchic can't get those moves.

Swords Dance: This isn't for Torchic at all, this is for Baton Pass.

Agility: This can actually be used to help Torchic a lot, but this is mostly for Baton Pass.


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I'm going to deviate from the standard torchic set and try something unexpected.

Overheat-STAB, standard move, as a fire type, torchic will be switching a lot anyway.

Hidden power(grass)-There is no move that can replace this for torchic, mastering Hidden power is mastering little cup. Covers all weaknesses

Mud slap-Be a jerk and lower some accuracy.

Agility-Boosts speeed.

Physical: I'm gonna try something different from what others said...

swords dance-given

endure-you know where this is going

Reversal-It's physical... do the math.

Flamethrower/Hidden power(grass)/Agility-Just in case something happens on the way. Agility to sweep things if you're not worried about ghosts.

Also Trachy, I'm going to answer the other movesets before you choose BA. I'll do it this afternoon.

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Flamethrower is more reliable than heat wave

swords dance

baton pass

bounce becuase what is the point of giving torchic swords dance with out a phsycal move even if it is a baton passer

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Flamethrower: DUH!

HP(Grass)/Swift: Covers All Weaknesses Or Good Back Up:)

Agility: To Speed Up:0

Dig: After Agility, Most Opponets For 1, Wont have Earthquake, and 2, Wont Expect Dig, and After Agility Torchic Will Go Use Dig B4 Getting Hit By A Possible Earthquake.


Dig: Look Above.

Flamethrower: Uh-Huh

Crush Claw/Night Slash: For Back Up.

Swords Dance: :)

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