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Is there move tutors in Emerald?

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I mean like the move tutor in Fire Red is at Two island, so where is Emerald's?

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Yes, there are Move tutors in Pokemon Emerald, however, they teach very limited moves such as substitute, mimic etc...


  • Mauvile city: Teaches Rollout
  • Verdanturf Town: Teaches Fury Cutter
  • Slateport City: Teaches Swagger
  • Mossdeep City: Teaches Dynamic Punch
  • Fortree: Teaches: Sleep Talk
  • Sootopolis: Teaches Double Edge
  • Pacificdlog City: teaches Explosion
  • Verdanturf Town: teaches Metronome
  • Lilycove City: Teaches Substitute
  • Lavaridge City: Teaches Mimic

Special Note

There are 2 Move Tutors in Verdanturf Town and both are not situated in the same place
-The one that teaches Furry Cutter is located in the Pokemon Fan Club
- The one that teaches Metronome is located in the PokeMart


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There are also move tutors at the battle frontier, who teach moves for BP (Battle Points). That's after the Elite 4, though.